Digital Greens

Gurgaon, Gurgaon

Starts From:

INR 13,992,360

Project Details

  • Property Type: Commercial
  • Location : Gurgaon
  • Locality :Gurgaon
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Digital Greens-Project Details

Digital Greens, Gurgaon is a completely self contained mixed use development comprising of retail and commercial/office spaces. With architecture that introduces a contextual and international standard vocabulary for building design to the region, Digital Greens, Gurgaon combines contemporary styling, excellent standards in materials, quality finish and technologically advanced infrastructure to offer an ideal work-life experience. Digital Greens, Gurgaon is the destination that gives your business the edge.

Digital Greens, Gurgaon creates a harmony between the hierarchy of open space networks with a landscape layout designed to create various levels of privacy. A masterplan design that is progressive, robust and timeless, it has a semi-public spine running through the centre. Business facilities and modern life safety and security features offer the user a comprehensive and fulfilling work-life experience.

Rate Plan

Type Size Price (per sqft) Total Cost Floor Plan
Floor 1541.66 sq.ft 12,000.00 18,499,920.00 Click Here
Floor 1431.50 sq.ft 12,000.00 17,178,000.00 Click Here
Floor 1422.27 sq.ft 12,000.00 17,067,240.00 Click Here
Floor 1527.57 sq.ft 12,000.00 18,330,840.00 Click Here
Floor 1520.50 sq.ft 12,000.00 18,246,000.00 Click Here
Floor 1520.50 sq.ft 12,000.00 18,246,000.00 Click Here
Floor 1520.50 sq.ft 12,000.00 18,246,000.00 Click Here
Floor 1289.11 sq.ft 12,000.00 15,469,320.00 Click Here
Floor 1166.03 sq.ft 12,000.00 13,992,360.00 Click Here
Floor 1357.28 sq.ft 12,000.00 16,287,360.00 Click Here
Floor 1568.69 sq.ft 12,000.00 18,824,280.00 Click Here
Floor 1531.08 sq.ft 12,000.00 18,372,960.00 Click Here
Floor 1397.58 sq.ft 12,000.00 16,770,960.00 Click Here
Floor 1512.44 sq.ft 12,000.00 18,149,280.00 Click Here
Floor 1551.40 sq.ft 12,000.00 18,616,800.00 Click Here
Floor 1234.20 sq.ft 12,000.00 14,810,400.00 Click Here


Located at the intersection of the Golf Course Extension and the Sector 61  roads, Digital Greens, Gurgaon offers easy access to the surrounding existing residential, hospitality, retail, medical and recreational catchment areas.

Master Plan